How will you ensure you meet that challenging sales target?

For the sales executive facing a tough sales target there are very few external interventions available that will yield results within six months. Our Strategic Sales Program is one of them. Here’s how we have helped clients meet and exceed tough sales targets.

The case study below summarises one client project. Click on the testimonials in the right hand pane for more.

Case study: Specialist phone manufacturer grows and grows

Business Situation

Specialist supplier of TETRA radio handsets

TETRA is a variant of GSM, specially adapted for use by the emergency services


Create a strong presence in the worldwide TETRA market before the mainstream GSM handset manufacturers dominate


Larger GSM handset manufacturers have greater volume, so our client needs to compete on value not cost

Sell through reseller channels


Bring resellers up to speed fast

Teach resellers how to focus on value not cost


Four Marketing Workshops were held so that representatives from all the different resellers could contribute

Workshops focused on value and safety, developing a strong set of messages

The sales enablement materials included both a Partner Sales Guide and an Interactive Sales Kit in order to address the different preferences of resellers

Sales Guide was translated for non-English speakers


Our client established a stronghold in the market and continues to grow

Annual accounts reported EBITDA grew by 80% in the year after the project